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About Us

Our story intertwines with the way we live because as hunters we spend a lot of time in the woods surrounded by the beauty of nature and wildlife.

BE AROUND ME is a fan of the forest and its inhabitants. Our connection to nature is reflected in our way of life and concern for nature conservation. We want to show visitors the inhabitants of the forest, their way of live and the importance of preserving the integrity of their living space. Come closer, observe, but remain invisible in the bear’s life. BE ARound me.

Our offer is based on bear-friendly principles, which were set within the LIFE DINALP BEAR project.

In order to promote the protection and conservation of nature, large carnivores and other wild forest animals, we connect with the local community and other providers. Our main partner in carrying out activities for children is Center DINA - Center for guidance of visitors and raising awareness about the coexistence between people and large carnivores.

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Our Team

Meet our guides.

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is a hunter and licensed local guide who lives one with nature. He is a long-term collaborator in the LIFE DINALP BEAR and LIFE lynx projects, the purpose of which is to preserve large carnivores in Slovenian forests.
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ERVIN Kurbašić

is a hunter, beekeeper and licensed local guide.
His vision is based on the principle of coexistence of humans and animals for the benefit of all.

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is a nature lover and licensed local guide. She is well acquainted with the Javorniki forests and its habitants. She shows her passion for cooking by preparing delicious snacks from local ingredients.

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is our faithful companion.

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Forest hiking

Trek with a local guide and hunter is definitely the best way to feel nature and relax in the Javorniki forests. Four different trails include guiding and interpreting the nature of an experienced guide and a snack in the woods.

Bear watching

Bear watching takes place just before the sun sets and an hour after. We wait for the bear in the photo hide to observe it in its natural habitat.

One day trip

A four-hour hike through the Javorniki forests followed by venison lunch, a visit of the Center DINA in Pivka ended with bear watching in the photo hide where we can enjoy the nature and wait patiently for the beautiful beast.


2,5 hours

Wait in silence and meet the king of the Javorniki forests!


4 hours

Walk, feel the nature and meet the wildlife of the Javorniki forests!


12 hours

Hiking in Javorniki forests, get to know the local cuisine, visit the Center DINA and meet the king of Javorniki!


1,5 hours

Organized in cooperation with
Center DINA

Bear friendly

We support bear friendly practices

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Call us:
+386 40 21 21 72 (Jernej)
+386 51 22 33 09 (Ervin)

or send us a message for more informations.